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What Sparked Ai SPARK?

Ai Spark — AI-driven credit risk analysis solutions

Offering a robust AI solution for credit risk analysis called Transparent Autonomous Risk Algorithm (TARA™), Ai SPARK redefines risk modeling by transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

Industry professionals use TARA for its unbiased predictions, and to learn which data points influence historical and current performance. A continuous and iterative process allows TARA to produce clear, concise, and objective risk assessments — assessments that empower users to make informed and faster decisions which lead to more stable and better performance.

But how did it all start? We caught up with Founder and CEO, David Nabwangu, to get insights into the creation of Ai SPARK.

What was the genesis of you starting Ai SPARK? What opportunity did you identify in the market?

Human bias and moral agency problems broke the financial system during the Great Financial Crisis. From this, I realized three things:

Institutional investors’ reliance on rating agencies was untenable. Meaning, inherent biases — even my own — had to be removed from the credit risk process.
Introducing a product to the market to address the above problem, this new product had to be affordable to even the smallest institutional investor.
The new product had to have the capability to quickly adjust to consider ever-changing market conditions.

This didn’t exist anywhere, so I set out to build it.

How does AI differentiate your offering?

AI, or should I say machine-learning, allowed Ai SPARK to achieve our mission. The deep neural network selects the most relevant data, independently learns, and along with producing forward-looking predictions, it shares the reason why. That’s more than what I could’ve hoped for out of our first product, TARA™ (Transparent, Autonomous, Risk, Algorithm).

What’s the next frontier for AI in your industry?

Leveraging our alliances with S&P Global Market Intelligence and Intex Solutions, Ai SPARK is expanding into other investment sectors. Our syndicated loan module launches December 3, 2023, at the Opal CLO Summit in Dana Point, California. Please visit our booth or technology session if you’re attending. In 2024, we’ll release modules to identify risks for residential mortgages and other assets, like credit card receivables, auto loans and student loans. With so much uncertainty in the markets and rising debt, now is our time. To learn more visit