ExecTuesday is a by-invite monthly event hosted by Wesley Clover for the benefit of technology CEOs, CFOs, board members and other leaders in firms of all sizes. We are pleased to present the following at the next session.

You Can’t Sneak Up on Money

We are very pleased to have successful business entrepreneur Bruce Linton with us as guest speaker for the inaugural ExecTuesday. Bruce has been an active founder, CEO and Board member across a wide variety of technology and other enterprises in the local community for years.

His most recent ventures are likely known to many of us by now, in the form of Tweed Marijuana Incorporated in Smith Falls (which started it all seven years ago) and now parent company Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) here in Kanata.

Canopy Growth was the first cannabis producing company in North America to be listed on a major stock exchange (TSX, July 2016) and included on a major stock index (S&P/TSX Composite Index, March 2017). To say this has been an exciting ride for Bruce would be a significant understatement. Per the title of his talk above, the current success is the result of a lot of very hard team work, and Bruce will share with us some of the highlights. The role timing has played, the 16 rounds of financing required to raise the CAD $6.4B secured to date, some of the other lessons learned and his visions for the future. We know guests will enjoy this dynamic presentation.

Please help us plan for the food and seating arrangements by registering before February 12th. This is an invite-only event. If you think a colleague should be added to our mailing list, please have them contact us through the link below.

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Bruce Linton
Bruce Linton, Founder, Chairman, Co-CEO, Canopy Growth Corporation

In my view, if Canada is to be more than a branch economy in the tech sector, experienced C-Level Leaders – even those who are semi-retired – need to come together regularly to share their experiences, best practices, ideas and more. They need to share their network, and help identify business opportunities for our next generation of industry leaders and participants.
Terry Matthews
Terry Matthews