Alacrité France

The Alacrity model, replicated in several countries (Canada, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Mexico), has given rise over the years to the successful creation of new innovative technology companies around the world. The model varies according to local characteristics, stakeholders and funders, but always with the same vision: to enable young entrepreneurs to create new businesses of global scale with the support of key players, both local and international.

Founded in 2017, Alacrité France is the 6th generator of startups in the international Alacrity ecosystem, supported by Wesley Clover International. Based in Lille, Alacrité defines itself as a proven place and process for creating innovative start-ups, fueled by market needs identified by its industry partners.

Individual entrepreneurs are recruited and assembled as a team by Alacrité to work together to address those market needs. For a year or two, the teams design their solution in all its aspects (technical, commercial, market, etc.), building towards a new innovative startup company. These team members are employed throughout the project’s development within Alacrité, to allow them to concentrate 100% on their business creation.

They benefit from ongoing support, long-term financial funding, a network of experienced mentors and access to the global market via the Alacrity network. At the end of the solution design phase, the teams and their projects are examined by the Alacrité governance group which decides whether to register the startup, provide it with seed capital, and allocate a share of the capital to the team members, who become co-founders. Alacrité remains strongly involved alongside the founding team members, both at the strategic level and in management and fundraising.

Alacrité shareholders are essential to its operation. Many are from the public sector: French government’s Bpifrance via its “French Tech Accélération” fund financed by the national “Investments for the Future” Program; the regional Finovam Gestion fund and the Hauts-de-France Region, as well as the EuraTechnologies incubator, one of the largest in Europe. The other half includes private players: a leading industrial one with expertise in the development of business telecommunications solutions — HubOne, Groupe ADP’s telecoms arm, as well as Aéroports de Paris itself — and two specialized IT corporates — Baracoda, a cutting-edge innovations focused startups group and Wesley Clover International.

A proven process, there are many examples of successful Alacrité startups playing in a variety of markets with innovative technologies, products and services, notably in the B2B CyberSecurity, RegTech, FinTech and Safety fields. The current cohort includes: CustomsBridge, Eunomart,, Matami, OverSOC, PrivaMap, RFence, TRUSTeat, VizioSense and Whispeak; most of them AI-powered.

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