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KRP Properties Deploys its Own Type of Growth Automation

Given the focus of the parent company, and the fact that the majority of tenants are also technology-based companies, it is not surprising that Wesley Clover commercial property owner and operator KRP Properties has often been an early adopter of new technologies to improve operations. And as building technologies keep advancing, KRP continues to follow the developments closely, and become a leader in deploying and leveraging the best to operate the office parks (now 28 buildings) as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Examples where automation has been put in place to provide tenant and landlord benefits include improving occupant comfort by stabilizing office temperatures and humidity levels throughout the four seasons, improving indoor air quality, reducing staff response times and increasing the life expectancy of various building assets.

Working with leading smart-building companies such as Automated Logic and Distech, and adding artificial intellect (AI) platforms such as Switch Automation for improved overall operating efficiencies, FacilityConneX for building system monitoring, Mango for operating data visualization and analysis, and Noveda for water and energy management, KRP facility operations are now monitored in real-time through a set of web-based dashboards available to staff whenever and wherever they need them.

From sophisticated features such as predictive analytics on systems performance to more basic integration of alarm systems across all buildings, employees have more granular control than that provided by traditional Building Management Systems or Building Automation Systems alone. And when an issue does arise in one of the buildings, the control software will initiate a series of self-diagnostic exercises to identify the root cause and the corrective actions required. Often the issue can be addressed in minutes, with no disruption of services or even awareness of the glitch on the part of tenants.

The implementation of these advanced building technologies has provided both financial and environmental returns. For example, building energy consumption has been reduced by an average of 11% at the same time as client requests for climate adjustments have been reduced significantly. And all while building occupancy rates have climbed to very impressive levels. Happy customers, lower operating costs, and a more positive environmental footprint. A powerful combination for any business. And ‘growth automation’ has proven to be a catalyst.