Tiffani Westerman

People Spotlight — Tiffani Westerman

CEO, WCS North America

Tiffani Westerman is a dynamic CEO with an impressive career spanning over nine years in the technology professional services industry here in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Her journey began in operations, where she quickly rose through the ranks, showcasing her leadership skills and ability to master new technology business models.

Starting at ground zero, Tiffani displayed a remarkable talent for streamlining processes and optimizing operational efficiencies. Her willingness to wear many hats led her into new territories, and she seamlessly transitioned into product development.

Tiffani’s visionary approach to product development led to the successful launch of two SaaS products that were disruptive in both workplace solutions around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) and fleet management for unmanned aircraft vehicles. Her ability to foresee market trends and create innovative solutions solidified her reputation for building unique product features.

In her most recent role as VP of Strategy and Alliances, Tiffani excelled in building strategic partnerships that were not only transformative but also highly profitable. Her ability to forge connections and drive collaboration across diverse stakeholders further exemplified her expertise in the technology field.

In 2021, Tiffani found herself in the executive team of two companies that were subsequently acquired. Her dedication to her teams and her capacity to lead ensured the continued growth of these enterprises.

Tiffani Westerman’s remarkable journey from operations to product development, along with her leadership roles in acquired companies and her strategic partnership-building success, has positioned her as a trailblazing CEO in the professional services industry.

Having joined WCS North America in 2022, and leading th security-first cloud solutions professional services firm, Tiffani Westerman is at the forefront of innovative solutions and is driving the industry towards greater security and success.

“As I embark on this exciting journey with Wesley Clover, I am thrilled to lead our talented team into the forefront of the security-first cloud space. Our commitment to innovation and excellence will drive us to new heights, and I look forward to the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.”

— Tiffani Westerman