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Revolutionizing Global Communication with Motorola Solutions’ Capacity Max Radio Networks and Teldio

TELDIO — Solutions enabling operational efficiency, improved customer service and enhanced safety

In a time of rapid technological advancement, the integration of cutting-edge communication systems is imperative, driven by the need to enhance employee visibility and safety, ensure rapid scalability, enhance operational efficiencies, and drive unified communication.

Motorola Solutions’ Capacity Max radio networks mark a significant milestone in global connectivity, allowing organizations of any scale to achieve seamless operations and communication. These networks, in many instances, extend across entire cities and are multi-tenant carrier-grade environments that support up to 250 sites and accommodate as many as 3,000 users per site. This capability enables seamless and efficient communication for businesses and public services alike.

Teldio, with its suite of powerful, mature products — Teldio TruFleet and Teldio Edge Gateway, in partnership with AVTEC (a division of Motorola Solutions), is uniquely positioned to capitalize on Motorola Solutions’ Capacity Max radio networks to deliver real-time location-based solutions to major enterprises worldwide. This dynamic solution optimizes operations, heightens security, and streamlines logistics.

With 15 years of experience and 1,000+ deployments, Teldio delivers real-time location solutions via Motorola Solutions two-way radios to some of the largest customers across many verticals – including manufacturing, hospitality, education, healthcare, utilities, and more. The integration of real-time location intelligence allows companies to receive invaluable data for making informed, real-time decisions. Whether it’s optimizing supply chain routes, ensuring personnel safety, or tracking asset movements, the potential applications and benefits are boundless.

Teldio’s real-time location solutions were recently deployed at multiple Tesla Gigafactories, aiming to minimize downtime and efficiently track their assets, particularly their 300+ Motorola Solutions two-way radios. Teldio’s implementation of Teldio TruFleet and Teldio Edge Gateway, in collaboration with HP/Aruba allowed Tesla to send immediate alerts to employees’ radios when any operational or security issues occur. This was achieved by using the existing Aruba access points, equipped with Bluetooth, to track the location of each radio within the facility. As a result, Tesla experienced improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced monitoring of their assets, leading to cost savings.

In the fast-paced world of technology, the partnership between Motorola Solutions and Teldio represents a huge leap forward in global communication. The real-time location information from TruFleet and the ability to trigger other enterprise systems via Teldio Edge Gateway is becoming a crucial part of efficiency, security, and innovation all around the world. As this partnership keeps growing, the future of communication and staying connected looks very promising. Learn more.