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Segmentify — The leading provider of AI-powered segmentation and personalization solutions

On a mission to dismantle data silos and empower brands with the ability to engage in authentic omnichannel marketing, Segmentify remains dedicated to expanding and enhancing its platform and addressing the challenges posed by scattered data. The engagement platform recognizes that this fragmentation obstructs a comprehensive view of customers, complicates report generation and analysis, limits cross-departmental communication, obstructs decision-making, and ultimately results in disjointed customer experiences.

In early 2023, Segmentify unveiled the latest additions to its platform — Gamification and Email Marketing — as the next steps in realizing this mission.

Whether for an established brand or an emerging enterprise, the importance of seamless and personalized customer experiences cannot be underestimated. The quest for a seamless, personalized customer experience is a challenging one, but it’s far from impossible.

Unified data collection made simple

The Segmentify user-friendly platform streamlines the process of data collection and analysis. With its intuitive tools, brands can effortlessly gather and interpret user interactions, gaining a profound understanding of their audience’s behaviours and preferences.

Effortless audience segmentation

Creating precise audience segments is a breeze with Segmentify. The platform’s segmentation capabilities enable marketers to categorize users based on various criteria, ensuring the messaging is finely tailored to each group’s interests and needs.

Personalized campaigns

Once customer segmentation strategies are set in motion, Segmentify empowers brands to craft highly personalized campaigns across multiple channels, including email, website, and more. This approach significantly enhances user engagement and boosts conversion rates by delivering content and offers that resonate with individual users.

In-depth analytics

With Segmentify’s robust analytics tool, Trendify, brands can track the performance of their campaigns with precision. Monitoring what’s working and what needs improvement enables marketers to optimize their strategies and achieve even better results.

An unbiased platform

Segmentify uses unbiased third-party testing tools to provide brands with transparent insights into how its technology aligns with their marketing goals and KPIs during the PoC process.