Solace Enhances EDA Platform for Better Observability and Easier Integration

Solace — The Leading Enabler of event-driven architecture for real-time enterprise

Solace is the first company to add distributed tracing capabilities to an EDA platform so companies can trace the progress of information as it makes its way through applications, environments and event brokers. The capability leverages an open-source format called OpenTelemetry, which enables the collection and analysis of trace data with tools like DataDog, Dynatrace, Jaeger, and Splunk.

“Our new distributed tracing capability enables IT organizations to reduce development time by debugging complex event flows during system test, and more quickly troubleshooting issues that inevitably come up in production environments,” Shawn McAllister, CTO and CPO, Solace.

Solace has also made it easier to integrate popular EDA technologies so companies can ensure the real-time delivery of information across diverse environments and application integration platforms. For example, Solace recently unveiled a broker-integrated bridge for Apache Kafka that reduces the cost and complexity of integrating Kafka environments into event-driven systems powered by the company’s EDA platform. Also, toward this end, Solace has introduced a new family of open-source connectors, starting with an IBM MQ connector that is available now, with connectors for JMS and TIBCO EMS coming soon.

One of the biggest recent developments in EDA has been SAP’s introduction of a new service called SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh, which is powered by Solace technology. As SAP Vice President Marketing and Solutions Management Christopher Aron explained: “SAP Integration Suite provides a holistic approach to integration needs covering process integration, API Management and support for event driven architectures. SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh adds to these capabilities providing specialized capabilities for high-volume events.”