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thinkRF Offers AI-driven SXM Insights

thinkRF — Leader in software-defined spectrum analysis platforms

thinkRF builds state-of-the-art solutions for the telecom industry to manage expensive and scarce spectrum resources. Our game changing SXM (Spectrum eXperience Management) platform leverages a network of autonomous IoT sensors installed throughout a city or roaming in vehicles. Sophisticated AI-driven SXM insights are used by network operators and government spectrum regulators for:

  1. 5G and LTE network optimization – Identifying areas for growth, assessing coverage and utilization rates, and enabling dynamic adjustments to wireless network infrastructure based on subscriber and competitive behavior changes.
  2. Competitive intelligence – Offering insights into competitors’ deployment strategies, technology utilization, shared spectrum, and infrastructure usage, as well as experimental broadcasts and operations.
  3. Drastically reduced drive tests – Reducing capital expenditures and minimizing the need for personnel and training in a common industry practice.
  4. Detection of non-compliant and unlicensed activity – Identifying, locating, and monitoring unlicensed or non-compliant transmitters.

This past quarter, thinkRF has attended trade shows like Mobile World Congress North America and leveraged digital marketing to enhance the market visibility of its recently launched network analytics and management capabilities. This attracted increased interest from engagement with some of the leading companies in the telecom industry. For example, thinkRF was selected by the Telecom Council members as one of the most innovative technologies of the year.

Last quarter the company met revenue targets, deployed new SXM nodes around the world, and onboarded potential new customers in trials. The sales funnel is growing, and the company is confident about future revenues.