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Unleashing the Power of Edge AI to Drive Customer Experience

Edge Signal — Addressing the complexities of edge computing infrastructure

Artificial intelligence enables real-time data analysis and automation at the edge where the data is generated, empowering edge devices to process and interpret information locally. This is a must-have for applications that require immediate responses, such as object detection, autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, healthcare monitoring, etc.

In today’s immensely competitive market, AI can be employed to enhance cost efficiency and boost productivity through automated processes and predictive decision-making. Customer experience also becomes increasingly important to offer differentiated products and services, and edge AI can play an important role in enhancing customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. By leveraging AI at the edge, businesses can offer personalized, real-time, and context-aware services to their customers. However, the implementation of edge computing can seem daunting. That’s where Edge Signal comes into play!

AI-Powered Edge Signal

Edge Signal makes building and operating edge applications easy. It provides a toolset featuring a low code/no code environment, AI baseline, cloud-agnostic application plane, etc. to connect thousands of remote on-prem systems out of the box and to manage network connectivity whether it is 5G, WiFi, or other.

Recognizing the importance of helping clients optimize AI implementations, Edge Signal supports MLOps (machine learning operations) to help streamline the deployment, monitoring, and management of machine learning models at the edge. Edge Signal enables:

  • Easy creation of new AI applications to solve customer problems and answer clients’ evolving requirements.
  • Faster response times and autonomy at the edge, resulting in increased service quality, which — in turn — positively impacts customer experience.
  • Processing of big data at the edge. This ensures that no customer or service quality insights will be lost, enabling businesses to understand client preferences and behaviors and thus allowing them to deliver personalized experiences in real time.
  • Discovery of unique insights by combining data from multiple sources, and providing real-time analytics, which can only be realized utilizing edge AI.

Edge Signal’s AI-powered features enable organizations to easily roll out new AI use cases and to make operations more robust. By using Edge Signal and connecting everything to their DevOps pipelines, organizations can deploy thousands of devices, integrating them to sensors and cameras, at the click of a button. Edge Signal helps pinpointing anomalies, highlighting logs, drives predictive maintenance queries, and more — leaving businesses to focus on their operations instead of the intricacies of edge computing.

It may appear that AI has a lot of hype now, but it’s only going to accelerate further in the next two years, especially in the enterprise. According to a new 7 report, 80% of enterprises will have incorporated AI by 2026.

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